Jeffry Wikarsa

What’s a good day on the job look like? How do you approach a more challenging day?
Being a CEO in the company for almost 10 years and joined the company when it still operated under Woori group with average daily transactions of below Rp. 1 bio per day. Enjoyed the process of transformation of the company that brings NH to become one of the active securities companies in the country for Equity trading and also successful IPOs. For me, a good day in a job is improved on my processes based on data. Repeating facts, analysis, and details.

In order to approach the more challenging day we have to enhance our business and management in all aspects and try to achieve our Goal back to our success story
Disciplined and rigorous. Makes decision carefully and efficiently. Disburse the information effectively.


Were there any special elements of your experience or education that prepared you for this role?
Before joining Woori or NH, I worked for Trimegah securities a fast-growing securities company back in the 90s. It has shaped my knowledge, skills, and expertise and expands my experience as well as my NETWORKS in the capital market industry which turned out to be the key to a successful business experience.


What indicators do you look for in the markets that you cover?
The world has changed dramatically in the past 3 months due to Coronavirus. Then all businesses, predictions, and targets have and will also change. Global growth is predicted by the IMF to be minus 3%, Indonesia may still be expanded by 2% for 2020 even though capital outflow that has persisted in the past two years may continue. Generally speaking, we still have to be smart to see the market indicators that will be shown in the US and China markets as well as the regional market.


How have you benefited from your local knowledge of the capital market?
My knowledge can benefit me as it has given me the ability to identify key points that present both opportunities and risks, resulting in rapid growth in daily transactions as well as the IPO’s activities. It has also enabled me to accept failure as recurring income, be constructive, and learn from the experience and situation.